CloverDTX opening postponed to Tuesday February 2

By Lucia January 25, 2016

Due to a couple reasons (late inspection schedule, no TV’s to display our menu, and no tabletops) we are postponing our opening.


How much longer will I have to wait to eat Clover in a real building in Downtown Boston?

We open next Tuesday February 2! Groundhog Day!

Are you still going to give all your proceeds on Day 1 to The Food Project?

Absolutely! And the folks from The Food Project will be joining us on the 2nd

I heard something about free donuts?

Yes! That’s still happening. Monday 2/1 from 8am-11am.

And when does Clover open for reals?

We open for reals on Wednesday 2/3!

How can I keep up-to-date on the latest happenings at DTX?

Follow us on Twitter @cloverfoodlab and @cloverDTX. Or stop by 27 School Street and say hi. We’ve all taken up temporary residence here.

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