DTX is alive. And it feels like home.

By ayr February 3, 2016


Wow all. This has been an amazing 72 hours or so. We’ve learned a lot from our past store opens and I think we’re improving a bit. We started out with a casual open house Monday morning that drew more than 400 people. We were stunned. Then our Pay What you Want soft opening yesterday helped raise nearly 4x what we were anticipating. That money goes to The Food Project and will allow 3 city kids to spend the summer on a farm.

And today was the big event. We opened at 7am and are closing in 2 hours at 11pm. You’ve all been generous and welcoming and curious. Feedback has been honest and fresh. I couldn’t ask for more.

A few things broke (a coffee grinder caught on fire). But for the most part things are running silky smooth. I’ll be there pouring coffee for the next few days to get everything off the ground.

I’ve had 3 customers who were at Harvard Square on our first day back in 2010. There have been customers who remember taking orders from me at the MIT truck back in the day. A couple who had us cater their wedding brought their kiddo by. It feels like home. Thanks all!

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