Fresh paint, brown butter, and bright lights

By ayr February 4, 2016


Day 2 here at CloverDTX.

I walked in this morning at 6:10am. Jasper and team were already well into the pre-open routine. They are moving quickly, laughing here and there. There is still a light smell of new paint. Not offensive, sort of nice. And the popovers are just going in the oven, you melt the butter just to the edge of brown before you put the batter in the oven.

And you know, this job is so different than anything I did before. I did other kinds of work. Labs, conference rooms, then surfing and computers, then airplanes and basement offices on folding chairs, and board rooms on high floors with big glass windows, and late nights alone in a bad hotel bar in a strange city.

My other jobs didn’t smell like this.

There is so much I love about what we do. And it’s not just the mission of our company. I think we’re going to make serious measurable change in the world. But it’s not just that. I love the details of what we do. The people I get to work with, the people I get to serve, the smell of our food. I love the challenges, the hustle, the constant drive to improve. I feel so lucky to have this work.

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