Hakurei Turnip Carrot Cashew Salad

By stacia February 23, 2016


Remember the Hakurei Turnip Sandwich? A showcase for Michael Docter roots: mild, sweet, buttery Hakurei Turnips roasted then chilled, carrot salad with a ginger-miso dressing, and fried brined onions.

If you loved that sandwich, it’s making an early return in salad form. Enzo came up with a Hakurei Turnip Carrot Salad as a way to highlight Michael’s roots. Shredded raw carrots and turnips, scallions, cashews, and that ginger-miso dressing.

You can find this at locations this week (check the live menu to see if it’s landed at your nearest Clover) and also on the bar at Whole Foods.

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