Sunchoke mushroom sandwich launching

By Lucia March 3, 2016


Chris and I took a group of employees out to Grafton Cheddar this winter. The cheese-makers gave us a block of truffle cheddar to take home.

Chris got to thinking about truffles, and pulled out this sandwich for us at Food Dev. He roasted some cremini mushrooms from Rhode Island Mushroom Company. He got some sunchokes, which we’d never used before at Clover, mostly because they’re expensive. If you’ve never had a sunchoke, it’s the root part of a flower from the daisy family. Native Americans first started cooking with them, and they’re native to this region. He sliced them super thin, and fried them along with some onions. He made a creamy dressing using black pepper and scallions. It was rich, and deep-flavored, and had a ton of bite from the arugula. We were all shocked. “First $10 sandwich?” Ayr said.

Sunny snapped this picture during our test run of this sandwich last month at HSQ. Mike from RI Mushroom Company came down, and we sold 30 sandwiches to customers at HSQ and interviewed them about what they tasted. The feedback we got? Everyone loved it, but no one could taste the truffle amidst all the other rich, deep flavors. We tried it with 2-year Grafton Cheddar instead, and that worked much better.

Version 2 launching everywhere over the next few days. Check the new Live Menu to see if it’s hit your Clover yet. If you try it, please take a second to leave your feedback here.

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