Trucks are back: LMA launches today!

By Lucia March 7, 2016


As you know we started this whole adventure with trucks. The MIT truck was a little test kitchen that we intended to shut down after 6 weeks. The Dewey truck happened because the City of Boston gave us a loan to start the first new truck in the city. In the past few years we’ve used trucks to research new sites where we are considering opening restaurants.

But we have to admit that for the past couple of years the trucks haven’t gotten the attention they need. All of that is changing this year. Vincenzo has stepped away from running a single location (Kendall) and is now running all the trucks. He’s been busy all winter building a team and scoping out new sites. The truck at Dewey Square has been running all winter. We will have a brand new truck (Newbury Street) in April. We are investigating new dayparts, meaning that the trucks might go one place for lunch and another place for dinner.

And today the LMA truck launches. We’ll be at Blackfan and Louis Pasteur every weekday, 8am-3pm, and you can view the live menu here.

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