See Clover on Indian TV, move to Boston!

By ayr March 8, 2016


That’s Coley, an Assistant Manager at Clover, with Napur (sorry if I’m mangling your name!), a customer.

I was just walking into DTX when Coley pointed to me and said something I couldn’t hear. He was talking to Napur (let’s just assume I got your name right) and waved me over. He said “you’ve got to hear this.”

Napur told me a story of how she saw Clover on TV in India. Of course I had no idea we were on TV in India. But it gets much better. She then told me that part of the reason she came to Boston (to go to school at Emerson) was because of that show. She wanted to live in the city that had Clover! So in and of itself that’s amazing.

But you know what impressed me even more (Napur, please don’t take this the wrong way, your story is awesome!): Coley, who has been with Clover for something like 6 months, was making a friend. He wouldn’t have learned this about Coley if he hadn’t asked questions and listened. And that’s just such an awesome feeling seeing other people grow our community. I felt so proud.

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