Coffee and Donuts with Barrington Roasters: 3/29 at DTX, HFI, HSQ

By Lucia March 14, 2016

Pourover Coffee Method

When Ayr was first contemplating what breakfast at Clover would look like, he knew it had to involve coffee. Not being a coffee-drinker himself, he set out to learn from the best: Barrington Coffee in Western Mass. They helped us learn about sourcing, about how different regions taste different, and they helped us develop the Clover pour.

We needed a method that would yield a really fresh, delicious cup, that would show off single origin coffee, and that would be easily trainable for many staff. We tasted a million different methods and settled on ours. Of course it has evolved over the years. At this point, we must pour more pour-over coffees than any other company.
Barrington folks will be at 3 Clover locations (DTX 8am, HFI 3pm, and HSQ 5pm) on 3/29. We’ll be frying up those recently-redeveloped Clover donuts, and we’ll be teaching our method to any customer who signs up. You can view this event (and all current Clover events) at our Events Page:


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