Party Like it’s 2011

By Lucia March 25, 2016


I remember standing at a construction site in 2010 showing my mom what the first Clover restaurant was going to look like. There was still brown paper on the windows.

Next week is the last week of operation for that first restaurant, our prototype, the one we lovingly built (with lots of sweat and mistakes) after testing our menu at the food trucks way back in 2010. We’re moving, but not far. In fact we’re moving into the most exciting space we’ve ever seen (watch this video and you’ll see why). But before we celebrate the new HSQ2, let’s come together to remember all the good times we’ve had at 7 Holyoke Street.

FAREWELL PARTY 3/30, 7pm-10pm
We’ll have music, snacks, and we’ll be launching a brand new beer with some of our favorite brewers on the planet (Jack’s Abby). Open to all customers. Sign up here. 

If you sign up for the party in advance, you’ll be the first to receive your very own copy of a (very subjective) book that Ayr and I are working on writing: Clover’s Guide to Harvard Square : )

Oh, and if you can’t make it to the party, we’ll still be operating the following day (3/31). We’re going down to the wire on this one and are hoping to open HSQ2 on 4/1.

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