Turmeric, basil, shiitake, buttermilk, cheddar, fresh basil. Meet the Shiitake Mushroom Sandwich.

By Lucia March 29, 2016


Remember I promised a brand new mushroom sandwich was coming to replace the Sunchoke?

I asked Chris how he came up with this one. Like all of Chris’s genius items, this one seemed to come out of nowhere. But then he told me that he was thinking about a hoisin glaze for meat in Chinese cooking.

We are dredging Rhode Island Mushroom shiitakes in buttermilk, frying them, then dipping them in a honey vinegar glaze made with rice wine vinegar, honey, miso, ginger, garlic, Aleppo pepper, and sesame oil. We add a slice of Grafton cheddar. Then we make a salad in small batches throughout the day using red cabbage and two of our winter storage crops from Michael Docter: daikon radish and carrot. The really special thing about this sandwich is the dressing we use for the salad. It has buttermilk, garlic, miso, sour cream, mayo, turmeric and chopped basil leaves.

The Shiitake Musrhoom should be hitting most locations today, if not tomorrow. Check here before coming out if you’re curious.

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