It ends and begins tonight

By Lucia March 30, 2016


Tomorrow is the day that Harvard told us we needed to be out of 7 Holyoke Street. A Crimson reporter asked me how I was feeling. I’m feeling a little bit sad. There’s  party going on here right now. Ben from Jack’s Abby is here pouring beer in the same spot that we launched his beer 4 years ago. Sara wore her red shirt, the one she was assigned on her first day of work back in 2010. Enzo has been texting me videos of our opening day, with Rolando and John Lee and Chris toasting champagne using Clover hot cups. Lynn is cleaning out the closets and begging us all to take our s#$% home. Alissa, David, Adam and the other extremely hard-working staff of HSQ are running the restaurant until the very last day we can.

Across the street, HSQ2 beckons. Justin and his team have been working nights and weekends to get everything done. We will have final inspections over the next few days, and then we could be open as soon as Friday. We’ll let you know when we know what our opening day is going to be.

The new HSQ will be at 1326 Mass Ave. The old HSQ will be open tomorrow for our last day! Stop by and say hi, we’ll be open 7am to midnight!


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