April fools at Clover

By Lucia April 1, 2016


Today for a good part of lunch at Kendall and Newbury, the only sandwich available was the BLT. At Brookline Village, Shane started making breakfast so he’d have something to feed customers. Sorry all, this was not an April Fool’s joke. We really didn’t mean to run out of so many items today.

We had a series of issues that led to a bunch of you not getting to eat our food. It started yesterday. We’ve been seeing tiny rocks in our dry chickpeas. So we had to lay every dry chickpea out and sort through it before making hummus to make sure there were no rocks. Then we had a couple late produce deliveries which meant we couldn’t make salad. Add a late resupply van and you had a perfect storm.

If any of you were impacted by this, even a little bit, please reach out and we will make you whole. We’ll have most of the issues sorted out by tomorrow, and everything fully back to normal by Sunday.

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