Meet a wild yeast hunter. Mystic Beer Launch 4/7, 6pm-8pm, CloverHUB

By Lucia April 1, 2016


When Ayr visited Mystic Brewery in 2012, he saw test tubes, beakers, and petri dishes. Things usually seen in a lab, not a brewery. Bryan Greenhagen, PhD in fermentation and Mystic brewer, has been hunting for wild yeast in New England and recreating beer styles of the Belgian countryside in a warehouse in Chelsea, MA since 2011. We’ve been serving his beer since he first got started.

We’re launching Mystic’s Saison Renaud on April 7th at CloverHUB from 8pm on. Saison Renaud is brewed with Mystic’s longest continuously cultured strain of yeast. The yeast keeps the beer dry with complex grassy, herbal characters.

At our first beer launch with Mystic at HSQ in 2012, there wasn’t an empty seat in the house. Sign up here to make sure we have a beer for you. If you’re one of the first 20 guests to register in advance, you’ll get a little gift from the brewers.

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