Sufjan Christmas, laughing, and crying

By ayr April 1, 2016


I’m at HSQ. It’s my last day working here in the office I helped build (I put the floor in and did the walls) back in 2010. Back then we asked the question: can we run a Clover restaurant? HSQ was more than a prototype, it’s was a flexible space in which to build and test prototypes. This is where we figured out our service model, our kitchen, how to seat guests. How to keep floors clean… And so many people I’ve gotten to know and love and consider as an extended family.

If I look a little sad in that picture it’s because I am. Sometimes there are these moments of change where everything seems to happen at the same time. Dave is leaving today. Some other stuff I can’t really talk about has me down as well. And we didn’t get the new restaurant open today as we’d hoped. Cambridge didn’t have any electrical inspectors working today, none. So we have to wait until Monday.

It’s a time of massive change and that can feel overwhelming even if it’s all good.

Across the street we are about to open what might prove our best restaurant ever. It’s gleaming just the way a Clover should. I’ve been hearing people passing on the sidewalk saying “Look at that, it’s beautiful.” and “I think that’s the new Clover” and “wow.” I’ll share some posts next week about why it’s so exciting. But it really is amazing and we’re just so lucky. I’ve been having fun touring our staff around the new space. It’s a really exciting step for us.

I might have just found us a new office, it’s near our next restaurant, at 160 Federal St. So we’ll be moving.

So goodbye HSQ1. We’ll miss you. You can see in that picture folks have started writing their memories on the window. Feel free to join in this weekend. I even saw a dad and his kid ask Michael to take their picture in front of the restaurant. Really sweet. Thanks all.

We’re hoping to open the new HSQ Monday at lunch. I’m going to be hanging out there a ton next week. Come say hi and I’ll give you a tour. Don’t worry, I’ll be much better company by then. I don’t stay sad long.

(oh, and the Sufjan Christmas, I don’t know what that’s about. our crew at HSQ were playing it pre-open on the last day of service.)

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