Tearing everything out from the walls

By Lucia April 7, 2016


Sara was one of the first employees hired at CloverHSQ in 2010. Chris had her working drinks station for 3 hours a week at first. Now she directs our entire training program.

Sara and the employees in this picture had the fun task of cleaning out HSQ1 for movers who came Saturday to move everything into storage. They boxed. They scrubbed equipment. They discovered possessions from employees long gone. They literally tore things from the wall. If you were to manage to hop the chain link fence that surrounds HSQ1, you’d be met with an eerie sight. You never expect to see your restaurant gutted.

If you’ve been over to HSQ2 you might not recognize any of the furniture. That’s because it’s all new. We needed to build everything new at HSQ2 so we could get it inspected, while running HSQ1 until the very last day. We are storing anything salvageable from HSQ1 for future Boston restaurants.

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