Spitting, slurping, crunching, cracking

By Lucia April 21, 2016


We hosted Mike from Blue Bottle for a coffee and donuts event at DTX right after we opened. He offered to do a full cupping. A cupping is the way coffee roasters test coffees. It’s not something consumers usually get to see. It’s a really cool way of breaking down the different parts of a coffee. You break a crust. You slurp from a spoon. You sip, and sip, and then you start to spit, because you don’t want to be up all night, but sometimes it’s so delicious that you continue to sip anyway.

Lieza’s been experimenting with adding a cupping element to some of our coffee events. We weren’t sure we would have enough interest, but they’ve been selling out fast.

If you’re curious about cuppings, join us on 4/26, 8am at CloverHSQ (our first event at the new space at 1326 Mass Ave!) and 10am at CloverHFI (496 Mass Ave). Sarah from Speedwell Roasters will be joining us to lead the cupping. She’ll be bringing some brand new coffees for us to taste and we’ll be making our re-dev’d donut recipe. If you don’t snag a ticket to the cupping you can still join for a coffee and a donut.

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