If you’re a general manager your groceries are on us

By Lucia April 27, 2016

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We’ve been trying to think about ways to get everyone at Clover engaged with food. I think Megan had the idea to buy a farmshare for every general manager. After checking with farmers and making sure we could afford it, we put the plan into action.

Last night we announced this to general managers at our weekly meeting. I had the feeling people would be excited, but wasn’t ready for the smiles and clapping and shocked faces. Managers will get to pick a farm they love, and get a box of produce each week delivered to their Clover location. The farmshares are a $500 value and last 3-5 months, and managers will pay nothing.

If you’re not a Clover GM but want to participate in a summer farmshare, there’s only 1 month left to sign up. Click here to learn more. 

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