CloverWST opening Weds, May 4, inside WFM Westford

By Lucia April 28, 2016


We’ve always thought that Clover should exist in lots of forms. Clover vending machines. Tiny Clover drive-thru-restaurants. And small Clovers within other operations.

We’ve been planning a little surprise with Whole Foods. As you might know, we’ve been selling grab-and-go products in 4 Whole Foods Markets around the city. The goal all along was to have a mini Clover inside a Whole Foods. A bunch of things came together and here we are, a little earlier than we expected, but ready to go…

Starting Wednesday we’re going to have a new location! It will be our second location in the suburbs, after Burlington. We’ll be open 11am-9pm inside of the brand new Whole Foods in Westford, 160 Littleton Rd. Rob, who was a team leader and lead order-taker at CloverHSQ, will be running that store. He’s great with people and cares a ton about Clover, so go introduce yourself if you’re in the area.

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