How we accidentally brought RI Mushroom Co to Russo’s

By Lucia May 5, 2016


Did you try the Golden Oyster Mushroom we were testing today at DTX? This whole mushroom experiment has gotten out of hand. We no longer have the space at the HUB to store all the mushrooms you guys are eating. So Chris and Wanda worked out a deal with Tony Russo, where Rhode Island Mushroom Company can deliver to Russo’s and they can then deliver to each of the Clover locations. We already order each day from Russo’s, so they’ll be able to tack on the mushrooms easily.

This doesn’t sound very interesting, but it’s actually really powerful. RI Mushroom will soon become a supplier to Russo’s, which means everyone will be able to buy their awesome mushrooms.

If you haven’t been to Russo’s you should go as soon as possible. It’s one of the best grocery stores around. And they are offering home delivery now, a feature that I have taken advantage of more than once this year.


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