We’re going to Sicily to hunt the panelle!

By Lucia May 12, 2016


We just realized that Calabria is really close to Sicily, and Sicily is the home of the panelle sandwich, one of our best-loved seasonal sandwiches. If you remember, the idea of the panelle was given to Ayr by a customer from Sicily who used to eat it as a snack as a kid.

We asked Enzo’s relatives if they had ever had panelle and they said, Yeah! In Palermo! I Googled “migliori panelle Palermo,” found this site, and off we go. Ayr wants to try 10 examples of panelle and bring any great ideas back to Clover.

So here we are on the top level of a car ferry in the Mediterranean Sea, and it’s the windiest place on earth. We have videos of Enzo surfing a gust of wind using only his body if you want to see.

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