Carrot sandwich stock-outs

By Lucia May 18, 2016


Sorry if you’re one of the customers who has tried to get Paul’s new Carrot Sandwich and been disappointed. The reason is: ovens.

We have been roasting an insane amount of carrots back at the kitchen. The sandwich has been so popular that there aren’t enough hours in the day and enough racks in the oven to keep up. The carrots are from a new supplier that Alden brought to us, Sparrow Arc Farm in the Berkshires in New York. After Michael Docter ran out of carrots, we started looking to see if there were any other organic carrots in the region that we liked.

The current version of the sandwich has a carrot habanero spread, roasted whole carrots that we fry right before serving, a feta sauce, a cabbage-honey-lime slaw, and fried farro (farro was an addition inspired by the feedback we got when we tested the sandwich at Harvard Square 2 weeks ago and people wanted more crunch and more heat.)

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