The Murdough Sandwich launches Thursday 5/18

By Lucia May 18, 2016


It started as Craig’s version of a Reuben sandwich. If you don’t know Craig, he runs prep at our Kendall restaurant. He was hired by Sara back on the Government Center truck in 2011 so he’s been with Clover through a lot. And he’s responsible for the killer whoopie pie flavors that Kendall has been churning out lately every Friday night. Craig came to Food Dev with a new mushroom sandwich. He’s always wanted to see a Reuben sandwich at Clover. He made a sandwich with crimini mushrooms from Rhode Island Mushroom Company roasted with celery salt, caraway seed, black pepper plus a slice of cheddar, some mustard, cabbage slaw, and a dressing made with capers, mayo, lemon juice, red onions, whole grain mustard, pickles, parsley, Aleppo pepper, and ketchup.

We tested it with 50 customers on Friday. The changes we made:

-removed mustard
-added brined fried onions

The name? That’s Craig’s last name. The sandwich didn’t quite work as a Reuben, and yet The Craig seemed too casual. The Murdough launches Thursday at all locations. Let us know what you think.

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