Beer hits Clover in Boston: June 9, 5pm-7pm, CloverDTX

By Lucia May 24, 2016


YES. Beer is finally approved and ready to start serving at CloverDTX! We’re launching a brand new program where brewers choose the beer we serve. We’ve picked our 6 favorite brewers in New England, and are allowing each of them to program their own tap. This means if Jack at Jack’s Abby is working on a new beer with local grain, or if Bryan from Mystic has a new yeast experiment he wants to test on a lot of people, they can send it to Clover.

The kegs go in on June 9 and we’re inviting all the brewers for the party. Join us for beer, snacks, music. Meet the brewers who will be programming our kegs for the upcoming year!

Beer Launch
CloverDTX, 27 School Street, Boston
June 9, 5pm-7pm

Tickets are $10 in advance and $12 at the door. Sign up here. 

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