Clover Order Ahead

By ayr May 24, 2016

Clover Order Ahead Beta Screen Shot

When we first built a working POS back in 2009 I was already dreaming of order ahead. I thought the way this should work is that (A) people should be able to order how they felt comfortable, phone, email, online, text, tweet, etc., (B) the handshake should be really solid: tells you what we thought you ordered, tells you when we’re making it, etc.

I first hired a programmer to start work on this in 2010. After fits and starts we’re finally getting close to the point of launching an order ahead beta. Here is the sketch we’re working from.

What do you think?

We tried to use off the shelf stuff because it would be way easier. But I couldn’t get anybody, including industry leader Olo, to support the frequency of menu change we need. So we’re building own own homegrown solution. The first iteration will be super simple, and invitation only.

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