“We’re going to do something nobody does” What do you mean?

By ayr June 13, 2016


I was talking to Ethan, who leads our technical development, and he said something that jumped out at me. He said we’re going to do something nobody does: show pictures of our actual food. I didn’t know what he meant. He said the way we’re going about this is that we’re having Brett (some of you may know Brett from days when he ran some of our trucks, he’s also a photographer) order food then take it down to a lightbox and photograph it.

I was wondering how else you’d do it. And Ethan pointed out that if we were a normal company we’d have food stylists. I got what he was saying, but was thinking it must be hyperbole, at least a bit, right?

But now I’ve been looking at food pictures everywhere and he’s right. It’s really radical to take a picture of the food as it’s actually served. From a restaurant. In the container we serve it in. Radical to show the food as it will be served. Crazy, right?

I’m deep in design work right now. The photos are for the upcoming Order Ahead app, also working on website redesign, and starting to try to figure out how to get signs on our restaurants. Taught myself to use Sketch. It’s pretty great. Learning Lightroom (Aperture not supported any longer). The new design tools are awesome. Bunch of change coming soon.

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