I made a mistake and don’t know what to do

By ayr June 16, 2016


This photo was taken at CloverFIN, our restaurant at 160 Federal St. (just next to South Station and Dewey Square). We’re set to open in a week. The electrician Brian was finalizing the cloud lights yesterday. I happened to be walking by to check in on the project and saw this.

So the unistrut used isn’t what we used in the past. And it totally messes up the design idea behind the clouds. This isn’t Brian’s fault. It’s not Julia’s fault (Julia is in charge of construction for Clover). It’s my fault.

Julia sent me a note a couple weeks back with 2 unistrut options for the clouds, and I gave a thumbs up to the wrong one.

But now we have all of the hanging cloud fixtures for FIN made wrong. And LMA might be the same. It’s expensive, and would set back out timeline to redo these fixtures.

So what’s the right call? As they were made there isn’t enough light emitted, and instead of feeling like a light “cloud” hanging in the sky they feel like a sleek industrial element of the building. Better to live with them? Or scrap and redo them at a big cost?


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