The paw paw of the mushroom world

By Lucia June 22, 2016

golden oysters

We are launching a new sandwich today with golden oyster mushrooms. Bob and his partner Mike grow these at Rhode Island Mushroom Company. He said to me, nobody uses these because they are too delicate. They get damaged on grocery store shelves and no one wants to work with them in restaurants.

It reminded me a little of the paw paw. You can’t buy it in a store. You can’t find it in a restaurant. This variety of mushroom is native to Southeast Asia. It’s related to the Blue Oyster, but it’s much less hardy. The spores of a Golden Oyster are so powerful that you can’t keep it in a room with other mushrooms, because it’ll overpower them and stop them from growing.

The sandwich has a lemon thyme mayo, golden oysters that we dredge in buttermilk and fry, pickled radishes from Next Barn Over Farm, and fresh arugula from Queen’s Greens Farm. We’ll be rolling it out to all locations over the course of the day, so check the Live Menu to see if it’s landed at your Clover.

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