CloverFIN is almost ready

By Lucia June 28, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 5.56.41 AM

That picture is from 2010. Clover was the first new truck in Boston at that point. Mayor Menino ate a Soy BLT at the ribbon-cutting ceremony for Dewey Square, he loved it, and that sandwich inspired him to start a food truck initiative in the City of Boston.

We’re opening a new restaurant at 160 Federal Street right outside of South Station almost 5 years to the day after that picture was taken. It’s a 50-second walk from the truck. Our open date depends on some final permits, but we may be ready to serve as soon as Thursday. It’s going to be our flagship restaurant. It’s going to have:

– A huge wall for farmshare pickups

-A pop-up space that people can rent who want to start their own businesses. Know anyone who might want in?

-Ayr’s office, which will be entirely glass, so all our employees and customers can see all our meetings, trainings, etc. Is this totally crazy, or the future of offices? 

The BLT is usually on our secret menu only, but I told Ayr that we should have a Mayor Menino Memorial BLT as a standard offering at CloverFIN.

Edit: we will probably not be able to open today (Thursday). Now looking at tomorrow (Friday) as an open date.

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