Strawberry season ending

By Lucia July 5, 2016


We launched the Strawberry Broccoli sandwich 2 weeks ago. If you’re one of the people who have had their days made by this sandwich, here’s what you’re eating and why.

Paul had been looking at a chart that one of our farmers sent. It showed that strawberries and broccoli were in season at around the same time in Massachusetts.

He said to Enzo, “What if we created a sandwich that had both strawberry and broccoli in it?” Enzo was up for the challenge. He had previously claimed that he could make an item that combined any 2 ingredients, even ones as disparate as strawberry and broccoli. Phil Tang, a friend of ours who now runs Banyan, put in his 2 cents, we started thinking about Chinese food, and we ended up with this sandwich. It has a sweet/sour strawberry rhubarb sauce, fried tofu from 21st Century Tofu in JP, a slaw made with red cabbage and broccoli.

We just found out that Massachusetts strawberries are done for the season. Rather than use non-local strawberries, we’re going to be removing the strawberries from the spread and just using rhubarb for the last few days (same goes for the strawberries in your fruit salad.) We’ll be transitioning to a different seasonal sandwich next week.

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