CloverFIN and Pokemon Go

By ayr July 11, 2016


Most of you know at this point that CloverFIN just launched. We’re at 160 Federal St. And I say we because I’ve put an office in this location. More on that another time.

CloverFIN launched the same week that Pokemon Go launched. And I’ve already seen no less than 4 tweets about “this Pokemon is between me and my chickpea fritter” or something similar.

Above is a picture of my daughter Violet catching a Pokemon this past weekend, in a sheep shed at her grandparent’s house.

I’m not of the Pokemon generation. My kids are introducing me to them the Pokemon world. But I remember working on augmented reality stuff at the Media Lab back when I was at MIT. One of the projects we were focused on was figuring out how to help people learn more about the spaces they inhabit. I’ve always loved monuments and plaques, and local history. It’s awesome that Nintendo is bringing this stuff to life in such a successful way. (If you haven’t played, it requires you visit monuments and the like to recharge  your items.) Really fun. Maybe someday the first Clover food truck at MIT will become a “place of interest” in the game.

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