This is what food should do to people

By ayr July 14, 2016


6 weeks ago I was standing on the sidewalk taking in our new restaurant. It was wrapped in white plastic. Nothing identifiable as Clover. I was trying to use my imagination, and avoid bumping into the stream of foot traffic.

One guy stopped and asked if we knew what was going to be there. I have “Ted” written down. Is that right?

I said Clover and he spontaneously threw his stuff on the ground. Boom. Julia (manages construction) jumped a bit.  Then this customer threw up his hands. Shouted: “I’ve been wanting Clover here for years! And now I’m moving!”

Then he wanted a picture with me. (click through to see the full series of pictures.)

For those of you who didn’t move, we’re opening next week. CloverLMA opens 7/21/16

What an awesome thing this is to be doing. I meet a stranger because I’m looking at a building. And he shouts and throws his stuff on the ground. Because of a restaurant. I think this is what food should do to people. We should be super passionate about what we eat.

Ted, I hope I got your name right. You made our day. If I remember you said you’re going to Providence (?). We’ll probably get there right after you move : (

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