Clover web redesign, 2 of many

By ayr July 15, 2016

Sketch Copy 11

This is the second of a series of posts I plan to write giving you a front seat to our website re-design process. The other week I shared my rough sketches and aspirations.

A few weeks ago I reached out to 3 designers who seemed qualified. I think they were selected from a list that Ethan shared with me. Of those 3 we narrowed it down to 1. Then I got cold feet and we decided to put on hold. Then I changed my mind and we decided to go forward.

The engineer we were going to work with had a designer that wasn’t available. We decided to find our own designer. I was connected by Ryan of Loyal Supply to Mike at Upstatement, a firm in town. They do amazing work, but we’re tiny and can’t afford them. But Mike referred me to Nathan, who works for him, and Nathan has taken this on as a freelance project.

So here are the sketches Nathan put together to start the conversation. These came after our first sit down.

What do you think? (attachments after the break)

prototype-screenshotSketch Copy 9Sketch Copy 10Sketch Copy 11

Video walkthrough

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