Speedwell Coffee and Donuts: Friday 9/30, 8am CloverLMA, 10am CloverHSQ

By Lucia September 24, 2016

We’re having a Coffee and Donuts event next Friday morning. If you’re in the Longwood Medical Area, come by from 8am-9am. If you’re in Harvard Square, come by from 10am-11am.

We are welcoming Sarah Correira, roaster at Speedwell to meet and taste coffee with you all. Sarah spends most of her days knee-deep in green coffee beans. She roasts 40 pounds at a time at a roaster in Plymouth, MA. Sometimes she travels to countries of origin and learns how to taste and buy coffee. She’s incredibly knowledgeable and excited about coffee and we can’t wait to share her with you all. She’ll be bringing 2 brand new coffees, one from Nicaragua and one from Ethiopia for you all to try.

Did I mention we’re making apple cider donuts from scratch? First come first serve, so sign up now if you want to make sure we have one for you.

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