Pie and yoga

By ayr September 29, 2016

img_2060I’ve been making pie to entice folks to join yoga classes. Well… if I’m honest it started when Sara Higelin (Director of Training, on the left) declared that she didn’t like pie. She said she hated it. That prompted a pretty heated conversation. I love pie. I want everybody to love pie. And I can be a bit stubborn.

So I told Sara I’d bake her a pie and if after eating that pie she still thought she didn’t like pie we’d let it rest. I made a rhubarb pie early summer, rhubarb from my garden. And… Sara likes pie now.

My Grandma makes a lot of pies. And I grew up eating pie for breakfast. My mom makes awesome pies. And it took me a while, but I can make a pretty decent pie now. Not quite like my mom or grandma, but not bad. Their pie (and the style I make) breaks some rules. Room temp butter. No chilling of dough. And it’s amazing.

Today was Apple Pie. Apples from Autumn Hill Orchards. We’re going to be tasting their pies at Food Dev this upcoming Tuesday. Join us there.

I’m thinking through other ideas to promote fitness at Clover. We’ve tried gym memberships, didn’t work. And we’ve tried a few other things that weren’t terribly successful. Have you seen something that works really well to get people fit? (Something other than pie : )

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