Do you eat seeds?

By ayr October 5, 2016

img_1232Concord grapes are one of my great pleasures in life.¬†When I was a kid my dad had some growing on our greenhouse. I’d watch them grow all summer, from tiny green balls to frosted orbs. I’d taste them too early and spit them out. And then, around this time of year, I’d enjoy their sweet tart burst and intoxicating aroma.

I guess I passed this on, because Violet asked me earlier this summer when we’d be able to pick grapes.

We decided this year to try concord grapes on our granola and yogurt. I’m trying to figure out if this is a good idea. Concord Grapes have seeds. You can crunch the seeds in your teeth. They don’t taste like much. Or you can swallow the seeds, they don’t hurt you. Or you can discretely spit them into a napkin.

But the have seeds. You don’t get those amazing flavors without.

And so many of us (including me) have grown up being told “don’t eat the seeds!” I’m not sure how people will receive this. What do you think? Do you eat seeds? Would you rather we had something else on the granola right now? (Pears are also in season)

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