Happy Birthday Lucia

By ayr October 28, 2016


Lucia just had her 30th birthday the other day. I took this picture and remembered when Lucia had her 24th birthday at Clover. The folks at Down Home Delivery, a small delivery food business that was sharing space with us at Nuestra (aka Crop Circle Kitchen aka Commonwealth Kitchen), bought her a present and a cake. These were people we were sharing a wash sink with. But they loved Lucia and it was so sweet.

We did an apple tasting yesterday. After Shane, the General Manager of CloverDTX sent a nice note about how great the event was. He said that Ann, the farmer who came in to share her beautiful heirloom apples, told him a story. She said today was her late husband, Rosslyn’s birthday. She said it was also the day that Rosslyn first came to Clover to do an apple tasting back in 2009. She said she just realized all that and it felt so important to her to come full circle.

We’re growing up. And I think for many that seems like a scary thing. I know at various times I’ve had employees question how fast we are growing. And I think reporters haven’t been covering us as often as we’ve gotten bigger.

But I see something different. The change we seek to catalyze is┬álarge, not small. And as we grow we’re creating the opportunity for others to grow with us. It’s such a great thing to be part of.

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