In testing beaker

By ayr October 28, 2016


If you’ve been at the restaurants recently you may have noticed we’ve introduced a new icon on the menu screens.

We used to use a “delta” to show items that had been added to the menu recently. But I think nobody understands that. Ethan suggested the other day that we update the way we talk about new items. And that led to this beaker.

We’ve clarified it’s use. The beaker means “this item is in testing. Help us decided whether to keep it on the menu or kill it.” I think that’s a lot more understandable and actionable vs. “this item has been added to the menu recently.” Also, beaker is better than delta for so many reasons.

Somebody I was talking to today asked whether the beaker gets more and more full the more people have tried an item. I love that idea. Something we’ll have to try.

One thing we’re trying is that when you buy an item with a beaker the Clover Guide taking your order will be prompted by the order system (POS) to ask you if you’ve tried it before. Then we will be able to analyze success of new items based on return purchase. Awesome!!

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