The difference between “Yum” and “Yum Yum”

By ayr October 30, 2016


This was the headline for a note Martina sent out following our most recent food dev. I laughed out loud.

It’s sort of poking fun at me. On my notes for food dev I was a little brief on my feedback for 2 of the items. On one (a hot malt beverage Chris came up with) I wrote “yum.” On another (a different hot malt beverage) I wrote “yum yum.”

Food dev is amazing. This was an idea that’s been cooking for a while. Like everything at Clover it’s gone through many stages of evolution. But it’s really starting to hit its stride right now. If you haven’t been: sign up. Everybody is invited: staff, customers, vendors. It’s free. It happens every week. And it’s just awesome. Thanks Martina for making this so great!

If you come you might find for yourself a “yum yum.”

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