What a week…

By ayr November 11, 2016

img_6250Wow. What a week.

One of my employees lost her brother this past weekend. Shot and killed. There’s not really anything I can do to help. It’s a horrible helpless feeling. I’m so sorry.

I had a board meeting Wednesday morning. Yes. 7am Wednesday morning. …

Arvia (Clover Guide at CloverFIN) told me Wednesday that multiple customers had cried in her arms. It was only 10am. She wasn’t making this up. I saw it happen.

Leonard Cohen died. Just after I’d told a friend about him earlier this week. She hadn’t discovered his beautiful music before. And he just made the most amazing album. I remember feeling this way when The Night came out after Sandman died. And Johnny Cash’s last album, was it American IV?

And this afternoon, I was driving out to Staples with my son Blue to get a cable so that I could do some photo work for Clover (the picture above is one of the pretty shots I’ve been working on putting together for an investor package). And a Leonard Cohen song came on my iPhone. I was explaining the election to Blue, in simple terms. And I started crying a bit. Quietly. I don’t feel much room for tears. Too many people counting on me. But obviously those feelings lie inside me too.

Lucia texted me tonight: “I guess the world needs Clover more than ever.”

While I have those tears, I’m also so hopeful and excited about the future. I found myself thinking today about all the people I’ve known who thought one thing, so strongly when I met them. And then came to such a different place. People can change. It happens when you engage with others without judgment. And we can all dedicate ourselves to helping that change happen in a positive and loving direction. Everything will be different next week : )

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