Kitchen Garden Sriracha

By ayr November 14, 2016

img_9771_502803I’ve been doing some photo work this past weekend. It’s a ton of fun. I’m working to prepare some presentations that need vivid imagery. And at one point I did all or at least most of the documentation for Clover. But as we’ve grown I have less and less of a hand in that. So it’s been fun to uncover these treasures others captured and I never saw.

This picture for example: that’s the siracha from Kitchen Garden, dated October 2014. (We buy from them for our menu, and they are one of our CSA partners. BTW, if you haven’t, sign up for your winter CSA now!)

I first found this siracha on a trip home (W. Mass) last year, likely early 2015. I didn’t realize it was from Kitchen Garden, but I filled my personal fridge with it. It’s really really good.

Then Chris brought this in to food dev a couple of months ago when one of our farmers (Kitchen Garden) had given it to him.  And I realized the name was right there on the label, I just hadn’t noticed before.

This is the hot sauce we were using for our Pepper Breakfast Sandwich, the first seasonal breakfast sandwich we ever ran at Clover. It’s so amazing it’s inspired me to go back to a really early idea we had for Clover (2008?): make our own hot sauces. Keep an eye on the restaurants over the next few weeks. We’ve turned some of this year’s bumper pepper crop into Clover-made hot sauce and it’s going to be showing up in restaurants.

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