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By ayr January 9, 2017

We haven’t done a great job in the past making it clear to Clover employees what jobs are available and when. We promote tons of people internally. We’d always prefer to bring an existing employee into a new role rather than hire externally.

But I don’t think that’s always clear to folks. It’s something we just aren’t doing well and some of you have called us out. So let’s fix it.

We just set up a new Job Board. We’re using a service called They’re expensive, about $10k/ year. And we have 60 days to evaluate their tools, to decide if they’re worth it.

So I’d like to formally invite all Clover employees to take a look. We have one job posted now. It’s a really important job to us all: Training Manager. I know we have many fantastic internal candidates for this. Can’t wait:

Job Opening: Training Manager

We’re making this role public. But honestly, I can’t see us filling it with an external candidate.

It’s a really exciting opportunity to offer. But it’s available for sort of a sad reason. One of my favorite people at Clover is leaving us. Sara, who has led our training for the past couple of years is leaving us in just 2 weeks. She’ll be leaving behind big shoes to fill.

(That image, for those of you wondering, is from Lucia’s first day of work. Lucia, now our Director of Communications, interviewed on a Friday. I was home paying bills and the Supervisor running the truck texted me this picture saying “look at this interviewee who brought in cupcakes!” Of course I wrote back and said “hire her immediately!”)

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