Chef competition tonight at Spring Staff Party

By Lucia March 5, 2017

We are having a chef throwdown for our Spring Staff Party tonight. Chris vs Meg vs Enzo vs Jasper. The Secret Ingredients for tonight are from Russo’s, the best grocery store in America. Contestants will have 1 hour to cook an amuse bouche, appetizer, soup or salad.

-French Smoked Garlic
-Ice Cream Cones
-Butternut Squash
-Whole Wheat Cous-Cous
-Assorted Chiles (fresh, smoked, dried, powdered, paste)
-Chia Seeds

Thank you to our judges: Adam Simha (knife maker), Irene Li (Mei Mei, food truck friends for years), Peggy Hernandez (food writer for Boston Globe), and Troy Schuler (Clover’s most ardent regular.)

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