Dry bread

By Lucia March 5, 2017

Everywhere we went in Southern Italy, there was dry bread. We saw it in grocery stores and bakeries by the side of the road that smelled of wonderful fresh yeast. We saw it spread out on platters at an outdoor bar where you could go up to a little table spread with olives, roasted vegetables, sardines, mushrooms and more.

Finally we asked someone, what’s the deal with dry bread? We learned it’s used for a variety of things in Southern Italy. Nothing gets thrown away, and there are all these recipes that use dry bread. We came back inspired with ways to use bread at Clover that would otherwise be thrown out (ex: bread that comes out of the pita oven malformed, bread we bake too much of during lunch rush, etc.)

First up: that Bridgewater Sandwich that Boston Magazine has been so excited about. The mushrooms are battered in breadcrumbs we make from pita. Do you have any recipes that use bread as an ingredient?

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