I got sampled! Coffee geeks unite!

By ayr March 24, 2017


I was working with Jane and Evan and the rest of the crew at CloverDTX this morning. We’re testing this new coffee we’ve been working on with George Howell. As I was talking to one of our customers, Varun, he said “I know a little about coffee. I’ve been roasting my own coffee.” Which is awesome.

He was taking time to smell the coffee, and taste it carefully. And then, after I’d sampled our coffee with him, he offered to give me a sample of his coffee! I shot a quick photo of the event. How awesome is this? He told me he roasted this coffee and that he brewed it with a chemex (pour over) this morning!

Coffee geeks unite! Come let us know what you think of the new coffee. And keep an eye out for a series of coffee events. We’re going to be doing a bunch of tastings with roasters, cuppings, and even a series of classes with the coffee guru George Howell.

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