Scrapple in-testing at CloverHSQ

By Lucia March 28, 2017

The first (and only) time I had scrapple was in Philly. I had taken an overnight bus from Boston. The bus had gotten lost and driven to NYC instead, and a new driver had to be brought in to complete the trip. When I finally got into Philly at 9am, my friends brought me to Sam’s Morning Glory diner, and we had scrapple. I had no idea what I was eating, but I knew it was a regional specialty, and I thought it was delicious.

I later learned that scrapple is a traditional Amish food made with pork trimmings that would otherwise have been thrown away, and cornmeal. It’s typically fried in a pan.

Chris, who has family in Delaware, brought scrapple to Food Dev last week. We roast crimini mushrooms, fold in mascarpone with some fresh herbs and cornmeal and cook it down into a custardy batter. Then we fry it up using our falafel scoop. The sandwich also has frisee, a lemon mayo, and Grafton Cheddar.

We are testing v1 Scrapple Sandwich at CloverHSQ (1326 Mass Ave) during lunch all week.

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