George Howell Coffee Roasters

By ayr April 6, 2017

George Howell was one of the first roasters I ever visited. I’d heard him talk about coffee on NPR once and he is based in Acton. I had no idea I’d stumbled into one of the most important people in the coffee world.

George started a chain of coffee shops here in Boston called the Coffee Connection. Some of you might remember. He sold that to Starbucks. And in addition to the shops they acquired the Frappuchino which now makes up 60% of their sales. (I just made up the 60%, I have no idea.)

He went on to start the Cup of Excellence, which paved the way for the 3rd wave of coffee and allowed coffee farmers to start earning more for growing great beans.

Today George runs one of our favorite roasters, they happen to be local. He wants you to know the farm that grew your coffee. Show your Boston pride and drink it the way George likes it: black, black, black.

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