By ayr April 10, 2017

I sort of went to your school (HBS’04, and cross-registration when I was at MIT’00, ’01). And I’m a scientist by training (Materials Science and Engineering), and this is the Science Center.

But that’s not why I’m so excited about this project. I’m excited because we have an opportunity to re-shape the world by changing the way we eat. And I want to recruit you all.

  • The 3rd largest contributor to greenhouse gasses? Livestock
  • The bulk of our growth in healthcare spending? Diet-related health issues
  • The largest sector with minimum wage pay? Foodservice

Some of you may already know this. For the rest I want to convince you, not just that the issues are big, but that we can fix them. One bite at a time.

We’ll be opening here as soon as we get through licensing/ permitting/ etc. Soon. I can’t wait,

Ayr Muir

Founder, CEO Clover Food Lab, HBS’04

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