Letter from Thailand

By Lucia May 3, 2017

We recently served a Thai coffee roasted by Barismo. Maybe you saw my poster or heard from one of us that the Doi Pangkhon was the result of young farmers moving from opium production to coffee production. We had a coffee tasting, Jane sent out an email to our mailing list about the tasting, and we were all shocked and super excited when she got a note back from Thailand! Full letter below.

Hi Jane,

Greetings from Doi Pangkhon, Thailand. You havn’t met me. But I hope you can pass along my message to the person who’s in charge of coffee at Clover. I am the producer/exporter of Doi Pangkhon coffee. I am so so thankful that Clover takes on this coffee. This is many years in the making. I was an international student from Thailand in Cambridge when I met Jaime, the owner of barismo.  This was in 2012. Jaime encouraged me to go back home to work with farmers and help improve the quality of Thai coffee. Jaime of barismo has visited us twice and is a crucial part to the development of this origin. In 2017, it is finally good enough to shine. It took just almost 5 years to make it happen. The coffee you are carrying now is an 85-point coffee. In coffee terms, that’s very very good, top 5% by world’s standard. When I started with Jaime, this coffee was a 75-point coffee which is below specialty grade. Thai coffee is very rare. We are top 20 producers in the world, but most of the coffee is sold domestically to instant coffee factories and commercial grade roasters. Only 1% of Thai coffee is exported yearly, but we really hope to change that. We see the international market that appreciates the hard work of the farmers and can pay a better price as a better and more sustainable market for Thai coffee.
–Fuadi Pitsuwan
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