I got sampled too!

By Jane May 4, 2017

Jane here, unless you go to CloverDTX on School Street, you probably don’t know me. I’m a communications lead (SCL) at DTX and an event planner at Clover. Ayr posted recently about a customer sharing his home-roasted coffee with him. Then I got sampled too! Steven, a regular at DTX, brought me a jar of his homemade overnight oats.

First of all, this was incredibly generous and really made my day. Thank you so much Steven. Second of all, they were delicious! I don’t want to spill the beans on his recipe but it was almost completely different from what we do at Clover – had a separate flavor profile, texture, everything.

If you ever have any thoughts or variations on something we do at Clover, feel free to share with us! You can also bring ideas to our weekly Food Dev Meeting every Tuesday at 3pm at the HUB.

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