Backyard Farms Tomato Tasting: 5/12, 11am-2pm at CloverLMA

By Lucia May 7, 2017

Join us Friday to meet the folks responsible for these Backyard Farms tomatoes and taste them in our newest seasonal sandwich (the Maine Winter Tomato!)

Backyard Farms tomatoes grow high in the sky in a greenhouse the size of a football field in Maine. They don’t need dirt to grow, they’re magic, and they’re farmed by individual farmers.

The sandwich hits this week. Sriracha mayo, thick steak of Backyard Farms tomato, fried Ironbound Island dulse (super nutritious seaweed that grows in the waters of the Atlantic.)

The first 15 folks to register will get a tomato sandwich, and a gift bag with: tomatoes to take home, a copy of Tomatoland by Barry Estabrook (a book about the scary side of the tomato industry), and the latest Clover tote bag. RSVP now. 

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